Jeremy Shuback


Have helped 100's of companies establish a grounded online marketing strategy.


Endlessly writing in an effort to procrastinate from tasks that make me money.


Motion Graphics. Illustrations. Powerpoints. Books. Websites.


Travel the world teaching classes in Design, Photoshop and Social Media Marketing.


Perform improv shows weekly in theaters around Los Angeles.

Recent Articles


Adapted from my sermon at MSU’s Hillel on Yom Kippur I’m sorry I spanked a homeless person with a spoon Sometimes I pass gas near a group of my students and let them blame each other. Thanks to my road rage, my 3 year old daughter has learned an...

Reshaping How to Memorize…Gaining a new Superpower

Comment I wrote in response to Derek Siver’s article on Memorizing a programming language using spaced repetition software (Go read that now.) This is incredible. Scratch that. This is life changing. Thank you so much for sharing Derek. I was skeptical that Spaced Repetition Software would work for me and my...

Chris Dorr on Marketing Indie Movies

I went to see Chris Dorr give a talk on promoting indie films and projects through social media. Here’s a collection of my notes from that talk with helpful links throughout. He stressed the importance of having a strong database of followers, and how important it is to grow that...